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IL Aims


Mission Statement 

The Institutum Liturgicum was founded in 2009 by Abbots Martin Shipperlee and Cuthbert Brogan, Fr James Leachman, OSB and Fr Daniel McCarthy, OSB. It is based at both Ealing Abbey and Farnborough Abbey in England.

Drawing on and committed to the intellectual and cultural heritage of Christianity, the Institutum Liturgicum is dedicated to promoting research, scholarly publication and teaching of the Church’s liturgy. It complements the work of the two existing Church of England awards in Liturgy and of the Liturgy Office of the Catholic Bishops Conference of Engand and Wales.

The Institutum Liturgicum is a non-for-profit organisation established for public benefit.


The Institutum Liturgicum promotes research in liturgy, history and theology; teaching at Masters’ level in English and access to other programmes of advanced education in liturgy.


•    to understand the historical development and meaning of the liturgy
•    using a clear understanding of the sources in their original languages and
•    the interpretative method of the Pontifical Institute of liturgy
•    thereby providing an articulate contribution for the consideration of the church


•    to offer License and Masters’ level study in liturgy
•    for the preparation of university teachers of liturgy and
•    for the formation of members of diocesan and national liturgical commissions


•    provide English language access to License and Doctoral programmes at:
•    The Pontificium Institutum Liturgicum, Rome
•    The Catholic University, Leuven

Working Principles

Academic & Interdisciplinary

IL engages in academic study and dialogue, cooperating with universities and other academic institutions around the world.

Independent, ecumenical & international

The work of IL is characterised by academic freedom and its openness to honest and critical intellectual inquiry. Rooted in the Roman Catholic tradition, the IL’s approach is open to and includes contributions from all Christian traditions.


Research Project

DREI publicationsDocumenta rerum ecclesiasticarum instaurata

series: Liturgiam aestimare : Appreciating the Liturgy
series: Ritus per artesque : Through rites and arts

St Bede’s Library

Two Chairs for research and teaching on Christian liturgy

Chair of St Hugh of Lincoln. Research and masters’ level teaching.
Chair of St Benedict. Research and masters’ level teaching.


Summer 2013 courses

Other links:

The Project Appreciating the Liturgy includes the following events:

• seminars • colloquia • study days • workshops • lectures

Targeted at professionals as well as researchers and students in this field.



We are actively searching for a more permanent home for the Institutum Liturgicum for the period after Summer 2013

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