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Documenta Rerum Ecclesiasticarum Instaurata

Series prima:

Liturgiam Aestimare:

Appreciating the Liturgy


Series editors:

James G. Leachman, Daniel P. McCarthy

The DREI editorial committee sets the following objectives for the publishing project:

1.The entire series must represent a theological enquiry of significant depth and must draw together divergent voices in the spirit of intellectual hospitality which marks the work of the project;

2.It must draw upon international support so that its fruits constitute a gift to the whole Church;

3.It must publish not only its immediate results but must stimulate as far as possible additional research and the publication of related studies;

4.It should not seek to reach ‘conclusions’ nor be filled with recommendations or calls to activism but must seek to feed faith and faithfulness to the Gospel and to the Church’s tradition.

By selecting the authors and editors of the series from the ongoing conversation sustained through the international colloquia we can ensure that the series will represent and enjoy the support of the ecumenical and international community of liturgical scholars and its patron bishops and religious superiors. We propose two series of books.

photo of book cover: Listen to the Word

The series prima is intended to establish and employ the methodology built upon the twin pillars of a patient and clear analysis of the Latin text of contemporary liturgical euchology, which is then interpreted according to a literary-critical hermeneutic used at the Pontifical Institute of Liturgy, Sant’Anslemo.

To this series we shall associate volumes that employ a historical-critical methodology to understand either the historical development ritual elements of the contemporary liturgy or the historical development of architecture for the liturgy.

The series Documenta Rerum Ecclesiasticarum Instaurata is published by St. Michael’s Abbey Press, Farnborough, Hampshire UK.