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Transition in the Easter Vigil

Transition in the Easter Vigil

Book Cover: Transition in the Easter Vigil

New book release: Transition in the Easter VigilBecoming Christians

What difference does the Easter vigil make in the lives of those baptized, confirmed and brought into communion on that night? In this book we trace each step in this process of personal transformation until its climax in communion. We do this by considering at length the small prayers and texts of the Easter vigil from beginning to end to gain insight into the whole process. The insights are substantial and well considered.

We prepare for this study with a review of the history of Christian initiation celebrated at the Easter vigil. Next we consider the reform of the Easter vigil beginning in 1951 under Pope Pius XII and culminating in the current liturgy after the Second Vatican Council.

We provide new English translations for each prayer studied from the official Latin.

A fuller description of the book is available here.

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