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Study Arts for Liturgy

Art and liturgy find a new home and conversation in the collaboration between the Liturgy Institute and the Studio of Christian Art (link) at Ealing Abbey. Read more about the studio on this page.

Curriculum: Art and Architecture for Liturgy

We are developing a master’s level curriculum which combines the study of liturgical history and theology with the study and practice of christian art in various media.

Courses on art for liturgy are in preparation for summer term 2024:

  • Theology of the Liturgy: Schmemann, Kavanaugh, Fagerberg (course description)
  • Liturgy and Icons (course description)
  • The Easter Proclamation: Exultet scrolls, ritual, art, architecture (course in development); participants may create their own exultet scroll and write a description of it or write an academic paper on some aspect of the Easter proclamation (15 pages)
  • Commissioning Art and Architecture for Liturgy: Continuing ministerial development for diocesan commissions, priests, seminarians as well as artists and architects. This course is slated for five evenings beginning in September and is offered in conjunction with Aidan Hart, Iconographer.

A full description of our courses is available at the Liturgy Institute.

Register for our courses by contacting Clare Cogswell at this email address.

St Bede Lecture

The Revd Dr Jim Blackstone will present the annual St Bede Lecture on 6 July 2024 beginning at 2:30 PM in the Newman Chapel of Ealing Abbey, London W5 2DY. Read more about Jim and his doctoral thesis Knowledge and Experience in the Theology of Gregory Palamas at this link.

Inaugural Lecture

The inauguration of our collaboration was celebrated when Prof. Dr. em. Basilius Groen of the University of Graz and KU Leuven gave a public lecture titled ‘Praying with Icons’ held in the parish centre, Ealing Abbey on 15 July 2023. You may enjoy watching his lecture at this link?

The first course offered was an adaptation of Liturgical Hermeneutics which sought to open a dialogue between the four interpretative keys – memorial, invocation, fulfilling, sharing divine life –  and the art and veneration of icons. The course was held 17-28 July 2024 during the summer term of the Liturgy Institute London. Participants included:

  • Maxina Studnik, iconographer student of Aidan Hart
  • Dom Peter Burns, BA in Fine Arts specialising in painting
  • Dom Daniel McCarthy, Assoc. Prof. of Liturgy, Pontifical Institute of Liturgy, Rome.