Liturgy Institute London

For a detailed and peaceful study of Liturgy

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Fresco of Joseph teaching carpentry to the child Jesus

Fresco in the St Joseph Chapel
St Benedict’s Abbey, Atchison

You are invited to join us in supporting post-graduate instruction, research and publishing in liturgy.

Join us  in these ways

We accept book donations to the library.

We welcome donations to fund two chairs in liturgy and establish several bursaries for students, for the library and for capital development.

The St Benedict Chair of Liturgy is established at St. Benedict’s Abbey, Atchison, Kansas, to fund one full-time professor and researcher in liturgy. The chair holder is Fr Daniel McCarthy, OSB

The St Hugh of Lincoln Chair of Liturgy is established at Ealing Abbey, London, to fund one half-time professor and researcher in liturgy. The chair holder is Fr James Leachman, OSB

The St Gregory Society funds a visiting professor.

St Joseph the co-worker is the patron of donors to capital development.

The Magi provide bursarys to students.

Library Curators provide books and funding to the library.

Volunteers find joy in collaborating in a vocational enterprise.

Welcome, once again, to become a partner with us in providing graduate education in liturgy in the English speaking world.

We have already welcomed European students from England, Scotland, Ireland, Belgium, The Netherlands, Germany; North American students from the US; African students from Tanzania and Asian students from India, Pakistan and Bangladesh.