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Fr. Daniel McCarthy, OSB, SLD

Image of Fr Daniel McCarthy, OSB

Fr. Daniel McCarthy, OSB

the inaugural chair holder.

I teach Liturgy at the Master’s level
and moderate doctoral research

publish on:

prayers of the liturgy,
Latin language,
ritual, art, architecture,
parish reflections on prayer;

hold conversations on:

human maturation and
life-giving community

consult on church architecture,
and conduct a Liturgy Week Architecture for Liturgy

teach the Latin language.


I am a Monk of St. Benedict’s Abbey, Atchison

Doctor of Sacred Liturgy, Pontifical Institute of Liturgy, Rome; MA, MDiv

Co-founder, Liturgy Institute, Ealing Abbey, London

Guest Professor, Catholic University, Leuven

Reading the Roman Missal with students


Fr. Daniel teaches Master’s level courses at the Liturgy Institute in England and Wales, accredited by KU Leuven

• Research method in liturgy
• Interpretation of liturgy
• Proficient Latin for research in liturgy


Fr. Daniel has published over 280 articles and the following books:

The Mere Bones of Latin (October 2016) 3 year method of teaching Latin
• Come into the Light (in press) on ritual, art and church architecture
• Transition in the Easter Vigil (2011) on the short prayers of the Easter vigil
• Appreciating the Collect (2008) on the method of interpreting prayers
• Listen to the Word (2009) explanation of the prayers of the Mass

Appreciating the Collect

Appreciating the Collect

Book Cover: Transition in the Easter Vigil

Transition in the Easter Vigil


Listen to the Word

Listen to the Word

cover image The Mere Bones of Latin

Ossa Latinitatis Sola The Mere Bones of Latin



Books in progress:

Cicero’s Letters, Latin-English and analysis
Listen to Cicero’s letters read by Reginald Foster
Latin Guidebook of Rome and Environs
Learning Latin: Workbook


Parish & Religious Vocation

Parish Appreciating the Liturgy – reflections on Sunday Mass prayers

 • Vocational Appreciating the Liturgy – reflections on Mass prayers for religious sisters and brothers in formation and for seminarians and the newly ordained.


• International, ecumenical, academic and pastoral conversations on liturgy: colloquia, study days, research seminars, symposia and diocesan and parish workshops (link here)

• Colloquia on life-giving community, Atchison, Jan 2014 and Jan 2015 (link here)

• Latin reading, Fr. Reginald Foster, ocd, 40 years papal Latinist, Atchison, 2014

 Architecture consulting

• Stanbrook Abbey – new church
• Mother of the Church Congregation –  remodeling chapel and development
• Liturgy Week Architecture for Liturgy


• Liturgical theology
• Ritual, art & architecture
• Prayers in Latin with interpretation

Contacts for the St. Benedict Chair in Liturgy

Fr. Maurice Haefling OSB

St. Benedict’s Abbey
1020 North Second St
Atchison, Kansas 66002
Phone: (913) 360-7854

Mr. Matt Kemnitz

Director of Advancement
St Benedict’s Abbey
Phone: (913) 360-7897
mkemnitz AT kansasmonks DOT org

Partners of the Liturgy Institute

Pontifical Institute of Liturgy – President’s Council, Sant’Anselmo, Rome (link)
Catholic University Leuven – accrediting institution (link)
Fr. Reginald Foster, ocd, 40 years papal Latinist, co-author (link)

Contributing Abbeys
St. Benedict’s Abbey, Atchison, Kansas (link)
Ealing Abbey, London, UK (link)
Farnborough Abbey, Hampshire, UK (link)
Abdij Keizersberg, Leuven, Belgium (link)

Endorsing Sponsors
Sr. Anne Shepard, Prioress, Mount St. Scholastica (link)
Abbot Gregory Polan, Conception Abbey (link)
Bishops’ Conference of England and Wales (link)
Bishops’ Conference of Belgium (link)