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Seminar on Icons and Liturgy

15 – 19 July 2024

IL: L719
KU Leuven: B-KUL-A07I4A

image of Prof. Dr Basilius GroenTaught by: Prof. Dr. Basilius Greun



This seminar is under development.


Hours: To be determined. Typically 09.30-12.20 (including a break)
The course anticipates the student will spend 60 hours in personal reading and study.  

Location: Institutum Liturgicum London (at Ealing Abbey)
74 Castlebar Road Ealing London, W5 2DD, UK
Telephone: +44 (0)20 8194 2320
For further details or to register contact the Centre at this linked E-mail address.
Location on Google Maps is found here.


Previous knowledge

Under development.



In development


Course Material

♦     under
♦     development


Description of learning activities

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♦  development


Evaluation description

Examination type: written paper (60%), class participation (40%)

When: evaluation outside normal examination period. Two printed copies of the paper are to be delivered to the Registrar by November 2024.

Explanation: Participants present their findings in class and have the chance to revise their material, based on class discussion and feedback from the instructor, before submitting a graduate research paper of 3,500-4,000 words, equivalent to 15-20 pages of text including footnotes and in addition a bibliography, following the KU Leuven norms.

Criteria for evaluation:

Both the regular in class presentations by the students of their ongoing research and the final paper are assessed based on the following:
i.  logical organisation of the material and its clear presentation,
ii.  accuracy of information and analysis,
iii.  consistency in style of notes and bibliography,
iv.  sources preferably in their original languages,
v.  theological accuracy

Second opportunity to sit the exam: Because this is an intensive summer course, the opportunity for a second exam is by appointment and depends upon the availability of the instructor.


Note: Students must be over 18 years of age.

This course is not designed to be taken simultaneously with any other course, such as the Latin programme offered at the same time. Students will need ample time outside of class sessions to conduct their own independent research and writing of a master’s level seminar paper with the guidance of the professor.

The instructor will arrange with the students to be available regularly for some time in the Study Centre and is also available by appointment.

This course fulfils IL Certificate in Liturgy programme requirement for a seminar



Non-residential day students are welcome.

Limited accommodation is available through Ealing Abbey house for guests or other religious houses or nearby.


Additional information from KU Leuven course web-site

 Academic year: 2024−2025
 Study points: 4
 Language: English
 Difficulty: Master’s level-Advanced
 Duration: 26.0 hours
 Periodicity: Taught with different topics annually in Block III
POC: POC Theology and Religious Studies  


This course is included in

Research Master of Advanced Studies in Theology and Religion (120 ECTS)

Master of Theology and Religious Studies Study Abroad Programme in European Culture and Society (PECS).

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