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Reading Greek Liturgical Texts

1 – 12 July 2024, weekdays

Reading Greek-Byzantine liturgical texts is key to understanding Christian liturgy. Knowledge of Greek is very helpful to enter into the spirit of this essential tradition. The course consists of reading together several core segments of liturgical services. Basic knowledge of Greek is required, yet English translations are available as well.

Students may suggest texts such as:

The Anointing of the Sick
The (very popular) Lesser Blessing of the Waters.
The Eucharistic Prayer (anafora) of St Basil
The Eucharistic Prayer (anafora) of St John Chrysostom


Reading Greek Liturgical Texts G811

Instructor: Prof. Dr. Basilius Groen

Hours: 3 hours daily by arrangement (including a break)

Location: Liturgy Institute London (at Ealing Abbey)
74 Castlebar Road Ealing London, W5 2DD, UK
Telephone: +44 (0)20 8194 2320
For further details or to register contact the Institute:
E-mail Clare Cogswell, the Registrar, at this linked E-mail address.
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