Liturgy Institute London

For a detailed and peaceful study of Liturgy

Fees-Enrol not for credit

Students not wishing to receive academic credit from KU Leuven may enrol not for credit directly at the Institutum Liturgicum London. Please contact:

Clare CogswellClare Cogswell, Registrar
Institutum Liturgicum
74 Castlebar Road, Ealing,
London W5 2DD UKLi

+44 (0)20 8194 2320
E-mail: il AT liturgyinstitute DOT org

Tuition fees: Summer 2019

Liturgy 10 day courses:

Each course: £260

Latin 10 day courses:

Beginning Latin: £320
Intermediate Latin: £320
Advanced / Proficient Latin: £260
Reading the letters of Cicero: £135

Syriac 10 day course: £230
Syriac 20 day course: £450


Pathways of study:

IL Award students

with adequate Latin, Greek and theology, but without the requisite degree in theology, enrol at the Institutum Liturgicum, attend the courses, take the examinations and receive a non-accredited IL diploma in liturgical studies.

Auditor students

enroll at the Institutum Liturgicum, attend lectures without taking examinations and receive an IL attestation of attendance.