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Biblical Hebrew for Beginners

29 July – 9 August 2024, weekdays


Dom Anselm Brumwell, Prior of St. Gregory’sTaught byAnselm Brumwell


This two-week intensive course aims to introduce the basics of the Biblical Hebrew language, enabling the student to begin to read more straightforward prose texts from the Old Testament.

Hours: We will meet for three one-hour sessions each day from Monday to Friday,
with two hours in the morning (a break in between)
and one hour in the early afternoon.

The course anticipates the student will spend 60 hours in personal reading and study.

Location: Liturgy Institute London (at Ealing Abbey)
74 Castlebar Road Ealing London, W5 2DD, UK
Telephone: +44 (0)20 8194 2320
For further details or to register contact the Institute:
E-mail Clare Cogswell, the Registrar, at this linked E-mail address.
Location on Google Maps is found here.

Previous knowledge

Students should study the Hebrew alphabet and vocalisation system in advance of the course, since this will be assumed. Whilst the course will not assume any other knowledge of the language, those who have already studied some Biblical Hebrew are also welcome.


We will aim to study the regular verb in its most common forms (qal, niphal, hiphil, piel) in both the perfect and imperfect tenses as well as the possessive and object suffixes. The precise content will depend in part on participants’ previous knowledge and progress during the course.

Course Material

Please learn the Hebrew alphabet (consonants and vowels) before coming to the course

♦ W.D. Barrick – I.A. Busenitz, A Grammar for Biblical Hebrew, Grace Books International, Sun Valley (California) rev. ed. 2011, the alphabet is presented on pages 19-27. Download the PDF here.

♦ Dictionary:.

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Description of learning activities

♦ Students will need to review material and look ahead, including undertaking some translation work, in order to gain the most from this course.

♦ We will study grammar, do translation exercises and read the biblical text.

Note: Students must be over 18 years of age.


Non residential day students are welcome.

Limited accommodation is available through Ealing Abbey house for guests or other religious houses or nearby.

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