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2018 Gergely Bakos

Rev Dr Gergely Bakos OSB

Dom Gergely Bakos

2018 annual

St Bede Lecture

to be given at 2.30 pm
on Saturday 7 July 2018
at Ealing Abbey

Rev. Dr Gergely Bakos OSB

Chair of Philosophy
Sapientia Theological School of Religious Orders
Budapest, Hungary

who will speak on

From Philosophical Contemplation
Towards Fruitful Participation in the Mystery of Christ

based on the text of Sacrosanctum Concilium nº 11 and 48:

nº 11: ut fideles scienter, actuose et fructuose […] participent

nº 48: Ecclesia sollicitas curas eo intendit
ne christifideles huic fidei mysterio tamquam extranei vel muti spectatores intersint,
sed per ritus et p
eces id bene intellegentes, sacram actionem conscie, pie at actuose participent

Published as: BAKOS, G., “From Philosophical Contemplation towards Fruitful Participation in the mystery of Christ”, Questions liturgiques / Studies in Liturgy 99:4 (2018-2019) 252-264 link here.

By invitation. Enquiries may be directed to Dom James Leachman
jl AT jamesleachman DOT com

A map is available here.

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