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Syriac Project

Explorers in Syriac Literature:

Publishing unedited Syriac manuscripts from the British Library


1 – 26 July 2024, weekdays

Conducted by: John Elie Semaan

We shall work on unedited manuscripts in Syriac from the British Library or from other digitalized manuscripts.

We shall transcribe and translate the Syriac texts into English or French depending on the need of the student.

When a manuscript does not have a colophon, we shall use paeolography and other methods to begin to understand the date and origin of the manuscript.

Our goal is to publish these unedited Syriac texts in our journal Ephemerides Ealingnenses and in an online database:

If you are interested in joining our project, please contact Elie Semaan at this email link.

Elie’s personal web-page is here.

Hours: After 10:30 AM and afternoons by arrangement.