Liturgy Institute London

For a detailed and peaceful study of Liturgy

Teaching 2012


Block 1:  2–14 July 2012 (8th, 11th free days)

Block 2: 16-26 July 2012 (22nd free day)

Block 3: 14-25 August 2012 (19th free day)

After a lively inauguration and first summer programme, we announce five new courses for summer 2012

Theology of the Liturgy (Certificate core course)

Western Liturgical Books (Certificate core course)

Seminar on Eucharistic Prayer (Certificate core course)

History of the Eucharist (elective)

Liturgical Pastoral Practice (elective)

All the activities of the Institutum Liturgicum are based on sound research. The teaching given by the lecturers, recognised by KU Leuven, springs from their research, private study and reflection.

At the Institutum Liturgicum in the leafy London suburb of Ealing, you’ll find a positive, joyful and faithful approach both to christian and catholic living and to the careful study of the Church’s liturgy in this scientific manner.

We hope the friendly character of our students, faculty and staff, the suburban, and peaceful setting of the campus and its charming architecture, the nearness of airport, public transport and central London, and the ease with which the liturgical tradition and magisterial teaching of the Church are integrated into a curriculum firmly rooted in the ideals and teaching of the Second Vatican Council will all welcome and impress you.

We hope too that the availability of Ealing Abbey for prayer and peace, the sung Mass and Liturgy of the Hours, the meals and impromptu discussions together and high quality of instructors and visiting speakers will also touch you.

There’s a remarkable experience to be found at the Institutum Liturgicum, one which will help refresh your whole life and soul and renew the Church and the world.

Earn an academic award in liturgical science in just a few summer sessions and you will be able to:

take the European credits earned and add them to your learning portfolio.
progress to other institutions of learning.
use the credits to gain admittance to further study.
use the credits in your professional CV (resumé).

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