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Lancelot Shepperd


Paul Moynihan kindly pointed out to me that in J.D. Crichton’s ‘English Catholic Worship’, we find the following information about Lancelot Sheppard, learned layman:


Pg 32: Until after the Council The Tablet showed little interest in liturgical matters; though then, until his untimely death, Lancelot Sheppard contributed perceptive and well-informed articles on the subject.


Pg 74 [dealing with books and printed materials before the Second Vatican Council:]

…and there was Amiot’s little History of the Mass, a volume in the Faith and Fact series ably edited for the English-speaking world by Lancelot Sheppard.  A Downside symposium on liturgy, held at le Bec-Hellouin in 1962 produced True Worship (1963), again edited by Lancelot Sheppard.

In Sheppard’s The Mass in the West we find the following on the fly leaf:

Lancelot Sheppard was formerly a school master at St Edmund’s College, Ware, England and at College Champittet in Lausanne, Switzerland. He is the author of several books including Guide to the Use of the Roman Breviary, The English Carmelites, Don Bosco, andPortrait of a Parish Priest.

He has also translated many works, including The Cause of Thesesa Newmann (Hynek), Catholicism (Lubac) and Memories of a Secret Agent in Free France and Portrait of a Spy (Remy). In the Twentieth Century Encyclopedia of Catholicism he has translated the following volumes: What is a priest? [Vol 53], The Spirit of Worship [Volume 108], and History of the Mass [Volume 110]. Mr. Sheppard currently resides in Somerset, England.

Sheppard’s liturgical bibliography includes,
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Many thanks also to Mr John Ainslie, Chairman of Society of St Gregory for pointing out that Sheppard was a layman


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