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Dame Maria Boulding

Dame Maria Boulding (1929 – 2009)Dame Maria Boulding
Before she died on 11 November, Sr Maria was questioned about the hardness of the monastic life. “Nothing is hard if you are in love,” she said.

(From the obituary in The Tablet,  28 November 2009.)


On 10 November a monk friend sang with her the Suscipe and the Regina Coeli with all its Paschal alleluias. Shortly afterwards, she sank into her final sleep. She died peacefully on a golden St Martin’s Day as a skein of ducks flew past her window.

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Augustine’s Commentary on the Psalms in six volumes, New City 2000 – 2004

Dame Maria Boulding benedictine nun of Stanbrook Abbey made valuable contributions to the contemporary rendering of Latin liturgical texts in English.

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