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Eucharistic Amazement
Tradition, Mission, Evangelization

St. Benedict’s Parish Church
A Symphony

by Daniel P. McCarthy

Graphic Design by
Philip Smaldone

Table of Contents

Author’s Introduction
Daniel P. McCarthy


  1. Liturgy is …

Part One

  1. Axes of Light
  2. Becoming a Roman Basilica
  3. Handing on the Faith: Crypt chapel

Part Two
A Baptistery Worthy of our Mission

  1. Mother Church
  2. Triumphal Entrance

Part Three
Evangelical Power of the Ambo

  1. The Difference between an Ambo and a Lectern
  2. Monument of the Resurrection: Santa Sabina, Rome
  3. Monument of the Resurrection: Santa Maria in Cosmedin, Rome
  4. A Monument of the Resurrection for St. Benedict Parish Church

Part Four

  1. Enhancing Eucharistic Reservation
  2. Invoking the Holy Spirit over the Gifts: Altar and Ciborium
  3. Invoking the Holy Spirit over the People of God: The Sacramental Stone

Part Five

  1. Presidential Chair and Transept Seating
  2. Chapel in the Apse
  3. Music

Part Six

  1. Processional floor
  2. Stencilling
  3. Inscriptions

Part Seven

  1. A Jewel in the Crown
  2. Symphony

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