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Dom Gaspar Lefebvre

(17 June 1880 – 16 April 1966)

Let us do justice to the foundational and pioneering work of the many in the last one hundred and fifty years who have been involved in the renewal of he liturgy.

The french-speaking monks on the Continent made a lasting contribution to Liturgical studies in Britain.

We can mention also the particular valuable contribution made by the editions of the bilingual missals edited by Dom Gaspar Lefebvre,  Latin-English, Latin-French, Latin-Dutch, Latin-Italian.

St Andrew Daily Missal with Vespers for Sundays and Feasts,
published between 1920 and 1959 at the Abbey of
St André, Bruges, Belgium, now Sint-Andriesabdij,
Zevenkerken, Belgium

Liturgia: ses principes fondamentaux, Lophem-lez-Bruges

(Abbaye de Saint André, 1922.  – XI-281 p.

“L’année liturgique”, in Liturgia. Encyclopédie populaire des
connaissances liturgiques publiée sous la direction de
R. Aigrain, Bloud et Gay, Paris, 1947, 611-693.

How to Understand the Mass,

La messa ben compresa.

The spirit of worship (The Twentieth century encyclopedia of


Catholic liturgy, its fundamental principles, translated by a
Benedictine of St Andre Brugge, Sands, London 1954.

Daily missal : with vespers for Sundays & feasts.

Missel Vespéral Romain.

Missel vespéral romain quotidien.

Messale romano quotidiano.

Om de mis te verstaan (Handboek voor liturgie: hoogere


Om de mis te verstaan (Handboek voor liturgie: middelbare

Redemption Through the Blood of Jesus.

The New Liturgy of the Holy Week, Supplement to the St.
Andrew Daily Missal.

Thank you, Abt René Fobe for this:

“I am sending you a short biography in the post, and you will find alot of information in the book by Dom Christian Papeians de Morchoven , L’abbaye de Saint-André Zevenkerken – Un défi relevé par  dom Théodore Nève, 2002.

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