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Online Liturgy courses & Latin, July-August 2021

Online Liturgy courses & Latin, July-August 2021

Enrol in our online liturgy courses and online Latin in July and August of 2021 at this link. We have decided to teach completely online, this summer, although local residents may request to attend in person. The House for Guests will not be open this summer, so we cannot accommodate students.

Online Course offerings, July and August 2021

Our courses listings for summer term 2021 are now online at this link. These include both courses in liturgy and the Latin language


Enrol by contacting our office manager Clare at this address.


Sadly we have had to cancel our course in the Syriac language this summer.

Participants in Summer term 2016

Latin summer London

Latin summer London

Latin Summer London is held at Ealing Abbey
Enrol for the first or for both weeks:

1 week: 13-17 August 2018
2 weeks: 13-24 August 2018

Laura Pooley Beginning Latin tutor

Laura Pooley

Classes are held Monday through Friday.
Saturday 18 and Sunday 19 August, are free days.
Courses scheduled are:

First Latin Experience – Beginning Latin (LA411)
09:30-12:45 and 14:00-16:15 weekdays
Instructor: Laura Pooley.

Second Latin experience – conversational Latin: is not scheduled for this year

Third Latin Experience – Intermediate Latin (LA611)
10:00 12:45 and 14:00-16:30 weekdays
Instructors: Daniel VowlesLudi (homework games) reviewed together with James Leachman and Catharina Chen.

Fourth Latin Experience – Proficient Latin for Liturgists (L711):
14:00-17:00 weekdays
Instructor: Daniel McCarthy


Reading Cicero’s Letters (LA811)
16:45-18:00 weekdays
Instructor: Laura Pooley.

See the full description of Latin Summer London.

Register here.

Come into the Light

Come into the Light

Come Into the Light

Church interiors for the celebration of liturgy

Cover of Come into the LightThe volume Come Into the LightChurch interiors for the celebration of liturgy considers the ritual experiences of liturgy and how these experiences are interpreted by the artistic narrative of a church and how these are supported by the architectural design of a church. The volume comprises 22 articles published by Fr James Leachman OSB and Fr Daniel McCarthy OSB in The Tablet of London.

More information available here.

Purchase it from the publisher: Canterbury Press link here.


Pauline Multimedia
199 Kensington High St, London


Order online – link here:
St. Benedict’s Abbey
1020 N 2nd St.
Atchison, KS 66002, USA.

by phone: +1 (913) 360-7906

OR: visit the Monastery Gift Shop in person. We accept Visa and MasterCard.


Pauline Multimedia
Via del Mascherino, 94, Roma

Transition in the Easter Vigil

Transition in the Easter Vigil

Book Cover: Transition in the Easter Vigil

New book release: Transition in the Easter VigilBecoming Christians

What difference does the Easter vigil make in the lives of those baptized, confirmed and brought into communion on that night? In this book we trace each step in this process of personal transformation until its climax in communion. We do this by considering at length the small prayers and texts of the Easter vigil from beginning to end to gain insight into the whole process. The insights are substantial and well considered.

We prepare for this study with a review of the history of Christian initiation celebrated at the Easter vigil. Next we consider the reform of the Easter vigil beginning in 1951 under Pope Pius XII and culminating in the current liturgy after the Second Vatican Council.

We provide new English translations for each prayer studied from the official Latin.

A fuller description of the book is available here.

Purchase the book from the publisher in the UK or from:

St. Benedict’s Abbey
1020 North Second Street
Atchison, Kansas 66002
1 (913) 360-7908

Congratulations Bishop Alan Hopes

Congratulations Bishop Alan Hopes

Congratulations Bishop Alan Hopes on your recent appointment as bishop of East Anglia.

Congratulations Bishop Alan HopesSupport of Institutum Liturgicum

We much appreciate a very encouraging address Bishop Hopes gave after the inaugural lunch of the Institutum Liturgicum on 12 July 2011. We remain deeply grateful for his continued support of us in his capacity as the Chairman of the Liturgy Committee for the Bishop’s conference of England and Wales. We look forward to our continued collaboration in his new capacity.

From the Archdiocesan Web-site:

“Bishop Hopes was ordained priest in the Church of England in 1968 and served until he was received into the Catholic Church in 1994. He was ordained priest in the Catholic Church in December 1995. He was ordained bishop in Westminster’s Metropolitan Cathedral of the Most Precious Blood on 24 January 2003. He is Chairman of The Committee for Liturgy and is a member of the Bishops’ Conference Department of Life and Worship.

“Bishop Hopes succeeds the late Bishop Michael Evans who died peacefully on 11 July 2011 after a long illness. Following Bishop Evans’ death Fr David Bagstaff has acted as Diocesan Administrator. Bishop Hopes will be installed as the Bishop of East Anglia on Tuesday 16 July at St. John the Baptist Cathedral, Norwich” (source here).

Notitiae 10-22 (1974-1982); 34-47 (1988-2010) request

Notitiae 10-22 (1974-1982); 34-47 (1988-2010) request

The Liturgical Institute is seeking to locate the copies of the periodical Notitiae published by the Consilium/Congregation for Divine Worship, numbers 10–22 (1974- 1982) and 34-47 (1988-2010) to complete this collection.
If any reader has copies or even a complete run of the periodical that they no longer need and wish to sell or donate please send an email Fr James Leachman with details: jleachman AT mac DOT com
Prefaces: Bibliography

Prefaces: Bibliography

The following bibliography is recommended for the study of prefaces.



EL = Ephemerides Liturgicae

LMD = La Maison‑Dieu

QL = Questions Liturgiques (et Paroissiales)

RL = Rivista Liturgica

SE = Sacris Erudiri


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This post was borrowed with the kind permission of Abbot Cuthbert Johnson from here.