Geert C. Leenknegt

Director of Development for the Liturgy Institute

Photo of Geert Leenknegt

As Director of Development, Fr Geert C. Leenknegt serves as representative of the Institutum Liturgicum in particular for Flanders and the Netherlands, where he is engaged in fundraising for the benefit of the Liturgy Institute. Fr Geert has also initiated conversations with Prof. Jordi Piqué, OSB; Preside of the Pontifical Institute of Liturgy in Rome about closer communication between PIL, KU Leuven and IL.

Pastoral Responsibilities

He is a priest of the diocese of Gent in Belgium. He graduated from but continues to pursue his studies at the Catholic University of Leuven and at the Institutum Liturgicum, London. He is also a member of the diocesan commission for Liturgy.

On 10 October 2013, The Right Reverend Luc Van Looy, Bishop of Gent appointed Rev.  Leenknegt the dean of the region Lebbeke and the pastor of five parishes

O.-L.-Vrouw Geboorte in Lebbeke
Heilig Kruis in Lebbeke
H. Johannes Maria Vianney (Heizijde) in Lebbeke,
St.-Martinus in Denderbelle
St.-Salvator in Wieze

Rev Leenknegt now lives in the parish house of O.-L.-Vrouw Geboorte in Lebbeke, where he serves five parishes.
His address is:

Rev Leenknegt
p/a Grote Plaats 15
B 9280 Lebbeke
phone: +32 52 41 05 95
e-mail: geert.leenknegt AT telenet DOT be.


Some of the participants in the 2011 inaugural session of studies at the IL

Some of the participants in the 2011 inaugural session of studies at the IL


“the inner renewal of the Church will only succeed if it starts from a better understanding and celebrating its liturgy, faithful to its tradition and openness to the needs of the time. The self-understanding of the Church lies in understanding of its liturgy as ‘highlight and resource’. ” G. C. Leenknegt

25 July 2014